Lenovo Business Servers

Pierson Lenovo Server Center

Pierson has more than two decades of experience designing and implementing customized data server solutions for various organizations all over the mid-Atlantic. Our team works tirelessly to provide our customers with consistently excellent and seamless server implementation. To learn more about how Pierson can help your organization grow, contact us online today or request a consultation

Servers & Installation Services

At Pierson, we provide Lenovo servers to businesses all across the mid-Atlantic region. From Washington DC all the way up to New York City, our professionals are willing and able to provide you with seamlessly integrated Lenovo product installation at any time. 

Types of Lenovo Servers

Pierson has extensive experience in helping organizations find the correct Lenovo server to meet their size and demands. Pierson installs and supports the following systems: 

ThinkSystem Rack Servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack servers are ideal for small, growing businesses, startups and enterprise workloads. Rack servers offer unmatched flexibility, value and efficiency for their size and help your organization meet critical demands with a high degree of reliability and quality. Pierson provides and installs Lenovo servers from the reliable ThinkSystem line. 

Here are some of the best ThinkSystem Rack Servers: 


ThinkSystem Tower Servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem Tower servers provide you with powerful performance and a small footprint that’s ready to support the demands of small and large institutions alike. Despite their size, Lenovo tower servers are optimized to provide you with the same reliability as a data center without the hassle. Pierson is experienced in installing Lenovo tower-style ThinkSystem servers. 

Here are our top ThinkSystem Tower Servers: 

ThinkSystem Edge Servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem Edge desktop servers give your business a boost of power right from the space of your desktop. This combination of power and small size makes them ideal for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs who want the power of a business server without the cost of a full rack or tower system. 

Lenovo ThinkSystem Edge Servers: 

Lenovo Server Implementation and Support 

You can regain your time and peace of mind when you choose to outsource your Lenovo setup and support to Pierson. Pierson is experienced in installing and supporting Lenovo ThinkSystem and System x servers, as well as flex systems and high-end mission-critical servers. We provide the following types of services and support for Lenovo systems:

  • Solution services: Before we move on to implementation, Pierson thoroughly walks through your business and comes to understand your unique demands and desires. We then propose the server that works best for your business and prepare an implementation plan. 
  • Implementation services: Our installation and implementation team is ready to work with you no matter when you need us. We install Lenovo systems during after-hours, weekends and holidays so that you can get the servers you need without interrupting your daily work cycle. During the implementation process, our highly skilled technicians and inventory managers install your system and ensure your server works seamlessly with your existing technology. 
  • Support services: Even after your installation is complete, Pierson is here to help you with any potential problems that may arise.