Green Initiatives

Eco-Friendly IT Innovations for a Sustainable Future

At Pierson, we believe in empowering environmental stewardship through innovative corporate green initiatives. We envision a future where sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. By pioneering eco-conscious practices, fostering collaboration through community partnerships, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we strive to lead the way towards a greener, healthier planet.

Recycling & Waste Reduction Friendly Initiative
  • Reduction in skid quantity by 50%, fitting 360 devices and chargers per skid.
  • Traditional packing fits only 136-144 devices, resulting in 1200lbs of residual waste per 1000 devices, which Pierson recycles.
Streamlined Operations and Reduced Labor
  • Significant reduction in staff and man-hours required for device deployment.
  • Elimination of excessive packaging materials like OEM boxes and foam pieces.
  • Faster device distribution enhancing learning experience and reducing administrative burdens.
Efficient Use of Space and Resources
  • Optimization of logistical operations and minimization of storage space needed.
  • Reduction in transportation-related emissions by decreasing size of shipments and skids.
Simplified Deployment Process
  • Greenpack packaging model simplifies device deployment.
  • Boxes contain pre-configured devices, chargers, and detailed inventory lists.
  • Easy tracking and integration into asset management software.
Ease of Dispersal and Minimal Returns
  • Clearly labeled boxes containing devices and chargers facilitate easy access.
  • Elimination of need to return skids, packaging, or boxes reduces logistical complexities.
Warehouse Recycling

Pierson installed a foam densifier in June of 2023, and we recycled over 9,000 lbs. of foam.


We recycle all OEM boxes and Flat Panel Display Boxes. In 2023 we recycled 205,030 lbs. of cardboard.


We recycle all bags and plastic packaging materials.


123,3000 lbs. of steel, aluminum and copper cabling.

In-Office Recycling
We Walk the Walk

Recycling is a big part of how we roll at the Pierson. We’re all about taking care of the planet, and that means more than just talking the talk—it’s all about walking the walk. In our offices, recycling isn’t just something we suggest; it’s a must-do that’s part of our daily routine. We make sure to recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum like it’s second nature to us.

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