Chromebook Configuration and Enrollment Services

Chromebook Rollout Service

Pierson employees configuring Dell laptops for deployment
• 16,000 square foot warehouse within 3 hours of DC, Pittsburgh, 
Philadelphia, Baltimore & NYC Metro Area
• Secure facility with 24/7 surveillance
• Use of Foam bags for protection during transport
• Warehousing and logistics available for multi-phase projects
• Experienced Project Manager assigned to each project
• Customized equipment used for inside delivery without damage

Services Available

• Configuration and enrollment
• Custom labeling and asset tagging
• Wiring and configuration of carts or cabinet installation
• Cart population of devices
• Inside delivery
• End-of-life recycling and buybacks
Asset Tagging

Learn more about how green packing reduces waste, streamlines operations and simplifies deployment and dispersal!

Clean & Refresh Package


  • Site Pick-Up/Re-Delivery Upon Completion
  • Packing Materials Provided
  • Physical Inventory of Devices Picked Up by Serial Number and Asset Tag
  • Physical Inspection, Report, and Feedback of All Devices for External Physical Damages
  • Inspection and/or Replacement of Missing or Damaged Asset Tags or Serial Numbers
  • Physical Clean and Sanitization of Device (Top, Bottom, Keyboard, and Screen) to Address Dust, Dirt, Smudges That are a Result of “Everyday” Transportation and Handling with a Device Safe Sanitization Solution
  • Device “Power Washing” to Remove Locally Stored Settings and Data Linked to Previous User Settings and Profiles. Ensuring The Device Is “Student Ready” To Be Re-Assigned to a New User
  • OS Update to Latest, Most Stable OS Version (Or Version # Dictated by District)
  • Re-Packed Via Greenpack for Re-Delivery Back to Pick-Up Site.
  • Data Capture of Sn and Asset # With Location of Repacked Device by Box and Skid.