Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Businesses

Business Cell Signal Solutions

Cell phone usage has become a way of life for most people and unfortunately so has the frustration that comes with inconsistent reception. Pierson now has a solution to this problem with its top-of-the-line cell phone amplifier system.

Works with All Major Carriers

Supports 911 and Emergency Services

Remote Management

Affordable with No Reoccurring Fees


There are many disruptors when it comes to cell signal strength:
  • Terrain
  • Building structure
  • Vehicles
  • Vegetation
cell signal without cell booster
cell booster graphic showing the cell signal boost


  • Ensures reliable cell coverage through your business for employees and customers alike
  • Provides best cell signal possible on all available network speeds to enhance coverage
  • Increase overall productivity, network security, customer satisfaction & reduce Wi-Fi dependency
  • FCC-certified and carrier approved to work with all major U.S. mobile providers & cellular devices

Why choose Pierson?

Our Professional-grade cellular signal amplifiers are designed to solve connectivity issues in buildings 5,000+ square feet. It is the most powerful passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution available for commercial application.  We are built in the United States and backed by U.S. customer support and a nationwide network of certified installers.
certified Wilson Electronics installer

Who can most benefit by a signal amplifier?

From grade schools being challenged to modernize with SMART boards and tablets to college students demanding 24/7 mobile connectivity on and off-campus, strong indoor cell signal reception is more than a luxury.  It’s a must.

Outdated infrastructure, cement walls, and even glass windows can prevent cell signal from reaching inside government facilities.  When state and federal agencies send and receive sensitive information, security is always a concern.

With countless staff accessing patient data or transferring large  files across an all-digital system, medical professionals are more reliant than ever upon secure mobile networks.