Pivot 3 Safe Campus Surveillance Systems

Improve Safety through Intelligent Infrastructure

In modern campus environments, such as universities, school districts, corporations, medical parks, and entertainment or retail complexes ,multiple security and integrated applications are deployed to protect the safety of people, mitigate risk, prevent losses, and ensure compliance. These campus environments are a diverse assortment of buildings, facilities, systems and grounds often situated on multiple acres, which presents unique challenges to security managers and IT teams.
Video cameras monitor daily activity, record incidents, and can serve as a general deterrent to suspicious or malicious behavior. Video management systems collect, record and provide access to video from cameras, access control systems, prevent unauthorized intruders, analytics applications aid in providing enhanced situational awareness, analysis, and other applications are used to further improve overall security and operational efficiency.
An infrastructure that can support the requirements of these diverse systems, while meeting the demands for 24x7x365 security operations and cost efficiency is essential to maintaining safer, smarter campus environments.

Modernizing Surveillance and Security

  • Centralized Management

    Easily manage multiple security and surveillance systems and applications on a single infrastructure platform with intelligent policy-based management.

  • Mission Critical Resiliance

    Guarantee performance for critical application workloads, eliminate data loss and system downtime, and ensure continuous operations and access to information.

  • Simplicity at Scale

    Easily scale storage, compute, and bandwidth without disruption to control the way your campus expands its environment as requirements change.

  • Efficient Consolidation

    Lower CAPEX and OPEX by deploying your applications in a multi-tenant environment, including VMS, analytics, databases and infrastructure management.

  • Better Economics

    Lower TCO with ultra-dense, highly resilient platforms that deliver industry-leading efficiency and cost/TB without impacting security levels.

  • Future Proofed

    Open architecture keeps pace with explosive data growth and seamlessly integrates with the latest analytics, AI, cloud, storage, compute, and data security technologies.