IT Support In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania IT Services

Pierson IT is a comprehensive provider of IT solutions across the eastern part of the United States. We focus on small and medium businesses, Education, Healthcare, and State and Local Government. We’re dedicated to providing Pennsylvania with cutting-edge solutions that are powerful enough to weather an ever-evolving technology landscape. 

With our team of talented and diligent staff on your side, you’ll always have what we like to call the “Pierson to Person” advantage. Located right in the heart of Mechanicsburg PA, we’re dedicated to providing you and your team with the seamless IT solutions you need to succeed in the 21st century.

dell laptop configuration and deployment

IT Solutions In and Beyond Philadelphia

Over our two decades of business, Pierson has grown to specialize in a wide array of IT technology and solutions. We offer the following IT support and resources for organizations. 

  • Cell boosters: Your building structure, terrain, vehicles and even vegetation can all drastically alter the performance of cell phones in the office. In this day and age where cell phones are essential to getting your job done, we boost your cell service so that you can get back to work. Our cell booster service works with all major carriers, supports emergency services and is managed entirely remotely. 
  • Chromebook white glove services: Pierson specializes in configuring, enrolling, asset tagging, wiring and cart configuring Chromebooks for your business. We perform white-glove service with inside delivery and make sure there’s always an experienced Project Manager assigned to your project. We even offer end-of-life recycling and buybacks when your old models have become obsolete or you’re looking to upgrade. 
  • Data center services: At Pierson, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to build a new data center or enhance your old one. With our 16,000-square-foot warehouse, we can serve every business from Washington DC to New York City. As night owls, we’re experts at handling off-hour installation.
  • Deployment services: Pierson has multiple deployment teams and project managers to help handle your installation process and deliver a turnkey product every time. Our deployment services work within the timeline you provide and are even available for off-hour deployment. We also allow buybacks, lease returns and end-of-life recycling.
  • Projectors/AV installation: AV systems can elevate your workplace and help you conduct meaningful meetings throughout your organization. Pierson specializes in creating and installing easy-to-use projector systems perfect for offices and classrooms. We provide both single AV units and enterprise rollouts with after-hours installation periods. 
  • Windows imaging: Pierson provides quick, flexible and reliable Windows imaging with great attention to detail. Our state-of-the-art scanning process has been refined over the years, and we now provide Windows imaging from both our warehouse and on-site. 


Epson projector in use

IT Hardware Service in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Throughout Pennsylvania

Pierson is an expert in the field of data storage hardware and installation. We’re constantly keeping up with changes in technology and increasing our capabilities to ensure that you receive the best hardware for your institution. When you need new hardware or are ready to upgrade your existing systems, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide your organization with seamless integration. 

At Pierson, we provide and work with the following hardware:

  • IBM: Pierson installs high-performance IBM integrated analytic systems with embedded Watson Studio for machine learning and seamless cloud installation. We’re ready to help you access the power of next-generation data warehousing with an IBM integrated analytics system. 
  • Lenovo: At Pierson, we’re a comprehensive provider of Lenovo Servers, including ThinkSystem Racks, Tower Services, Flex Systems, Blade Servers, storage solutions and many more. 
  • Pivot3: Our Pivot3 solution helps you create an intelligent and safe infrastructure ready to handle a diverse array of devices. Pierson will modernize your surveillance and security systems to help you achieve campus-wide efficiency, simplicity and centralized management. 

Contact Pierson for IT Support in the Mid-Atlantic

For more than two decades, Pierson has been dedicated to serving the mid-Atlantic region from Washington DC all the way up to New York. We offer comprehensive IT hardware implementations for offices, schools and everything in between so that you can enhance your organization with the power of the latest computing technology. Contact Pierson online today for a free consultation and quote.