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IBM Storage Solutions From Pierson

Data is the fuel powering the modern enterprise. And volumes are exploding. In fact, the total global data volume is expected to reach a staggering 175 zettabytes—or 175 trillion GB—by 2025. 
Exploiting this volume requires data storage with high bandwidth, as well as enterprise-grade scalability and functionality. And any storage solution must meet these requirements while simplifying acquisition and deployment in a flat—or even declining—IT budget environment.

IBM Storwize V5000

The IBM Storwize V5000E models are entry-level storage solutions designed to supercharge your data center transformation. With them, you can exploit the data explosion and associated insights while supporting traditional processes and systems.
The Storwize V5000E solutions let you manage and mine this explosion by giving you faster, smarter, more flexible data storage and access without sacrificing data security—or your IT budget. They achieve this goal by helping you:
  • Ease data movement to your Storwize V5000E from more than 440 storage systems.
  • Simplify management, accelerate applications and maximize efficiency with AI-enabled capabilities.
  • Satisfy private cloud demands with flexibility to meet your current needs and scale up as storage requirements grow.
  • Ensure availability with 99.9999 percent uptime.
  • Minimize storage costs with data reduction pools, including block deduplication and data compression backed by the IBM Data Reduction Guarantee.
  • Increase security with built-in encryption capabilities and integration with leading data protection solutions.

Storage Solutions for ALL

A single unit that delivers 36.8TB of usable capacity with a planning price of under $20,000. This price provides:
  • 36.8TB Usable Capacity DRAID 5 in only 2U
  • Dual Controller Array (Active/Active) 
  • (24) 1.8TB HDD (DRAID5)
  • Encryption Enabled
  • FlashCopy
  • Easy Tier (Auto-Tiering Data) 
A second solution provides 602.3TB of Usable capacity with a planning price of under $82,000. This price provides:
  • 764TB Raw Capacity ($107/TB) / 602TB Usable Capacity ($135/TB) DRAID 6 in only 7U
  • Dual Controller Array (Active/Active) 
  • Quantity (13) 3.84TB SSD (DRAID6) / Quantity (51) 14TB 7.2K RPM HDD (DRAID6)
  • 64GB Cache
  • Encryption Enabled
  • FlashCopy
  • Easy Tier (Auto-Tiering Data) 


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