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Outsourced Healthcare IT Services Across The Mid-Atlantic


In the healthcare industry, having reliable technology solutions can make a tremendous difference in allowing your staff to give their patients the best care possible. Pierson IT provides, installs and supports healthcare technology solutions throughout Pennsylvania and the wider mid-Atlantic. Our dedication to keeping our clients’ services updated in the ever-evolving technology landscape has made us a leading provider of healthcare network integration and infrastructure services in the region, and we’d love to help you elevate your existing tech and capabilities.

We’re home to a team of highly talented individuals who can help you update your network to meet evolving demands and continue to thrive. 

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Medical Technology Support Provider Serving the Mid-Atlantic

Integrating the newest healthcare technology into your practice enables your staff to provide the best possible care for each of your patients. New, specialized tech solutions will give your personnel their time back by enhancing practice-wide organization, increasing communication efficacy and automating previously tedious manual processes.

The healthcare industry demands tech infrastructure for unified communication, networking, data and security needs. Pierson specializes in providing comprehensive IT solutions so your healthcare practice can increase business-wide productivity and efficiency and allow staff more time to give their patients the best possible care. 

Healthcare Technology Solutions and Installation in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York

Pierson provides ample healthcare solutions for your organization so you can focus your time on developing your practice and caring for patients. At Pierson, we first analyze your healthcare systems to determine potential areas for improvement and address where your technology fails to meet your current and anticipated demands. After planning a comprehensive healthcare technology solution, we will perform delivery, configuration and setup. 

Our company provides the following healthcare technology solutions:

Pierson’s healthcare IT service is available in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of the mid-Atlantic. By outsourcing to our experts, you can get the comprehensive coverage of a full IT team without having to coordinate in-house staffing. Let Pierson take care of your team with our healthcare solutions.

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Pierson has provided healthcare practices with installation and support for the newest technologies for more than two decades. Our 16,000-square-foot warehouse in Central Pennsylvania puts us in the perfect area to serve anywhere in the state and the larger mid-Atlantic region. Contact us online or request a consultation to see how we can improve your healthcare practice’s technology infrastructure today.