Classroom Technology

New technologies, social media and interactive education have changed both the teaching and learning process in the elementary, secondary and college environments. Pierson can keep you in touch with what’s current and help prepare your institution for what’s coming next.

We provide expert planning and deployment for the classrooms of the future to ensure your integration is seamless, thoughtful, on time and on budget. Whether it’s an equipment upgrade or a district-wide integration, our experience, commitment to flawless delivery and Pierson-to-Person service are solid reasons to consider us as a partner of choice for your next education technology project.

Pierson provides the following classroom technology:

  • Notebook and desktop computers
  • Chromebooks, tablets and other mobile hardware
  • Major vendor printers
  • Electronic digital whiteboards
  • Wall and ceiling mounted digital projectors
  • Mobile laptop carts
  • Teacher Device Manager Software