Constant changes in technology have made IT integration services increasingly critical for institutions and businesses alike. Hardware is also becoming more complex, making it essential to partner with a specialist who can guarantee quality, interoperability and the right solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization.

When you partner with Pierson, you’ll be assured that your hardware seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, and that your infrastructure will not easily become obsolete. Pierson provides the following hardware solutions.

IBM Servers, Storage and Integrated Systems

IBM Power Systems Family

  • Enterprise Systems
  • Entry Systems
  • PowerLinux

IBM PureSystems

  • Chassis
  • Compute Nodes: x86, Power, Linux
  • Storage Node
  • Management Appliance
  • Networking
  • Expansion

Lenovo Servers, Storage and Integrated Systems

Lenovo Servers

  • System x and ThinkServer Tower Servers
  • System x and ThinkServer Rackmount Servers
  • Flex System and BladeCenter Blade Servers
  • High-end Rackmount and Blade Servers
  • NeXtScale System, iDataPlex and Clusters
  • Storage, Networking, Memory and Processor Rack and Power Options

Lenovo Systems

  • Powerful Direct Access Storage
  • Enterprise-class NAS
  • Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud and Big-data Ready
  • Tape, Backup and Information Management Systems

Pierson is the only IBM and Lenovo reseller to be represented on the State of Pennsylvania Server, Storage and Integrated Systems contract, providing hardware to state agencies.