Perspective from the Inside

Brian Schmick joined Pierson Computing Connection in the summer of 2018 after working as the Technology Director for a local school district for 25 years. He was introduced to Pierson’s team and quality of service as a customer first, which made the transition to employee all the more comfortable and fulfilling.

This month, we sat with Brian and asked him what is was about Pierson that led him to selecting us as a trusted, and preferred technology partner for the district. The top three reasons that Brian gave speak to the heart of who Pierson is and the quality of work our clients can expect from us on a consistent basis.

#1 Dependable Service
Brian appreciated that Pierson’s team was accessible for questions and follow-up needs. His decision to choose Pierson went beyond comparing prices and terms, because at the end of the day, you need someone you can depend on from beginning to end. “If there was an issue, they were there to fix it.”

#2 Strategic Solutions
Jeff Pierson’s ability to take on complex install obstacles and come up with creative solutions to always make it work cemented the relationship for Brian. Pierson’s installation team truly are experts at what they do and clients can rest assured that every project will be completed with excellence and integrity.

#3 Consistent Faces
This was a big one for Brian! What stood out about Pierson and the team they were sending into schools to complete installation projects was the consistency in the faces they were seeing. It wasn’t new guys every week that needed directions and introduced to the layout of the building and the school staff. Pierson made the decision years ago that all of their installers would be employees of the company and never sub-contractors. Because of this decision, schools will see consistent faces in their schools which has never been more important. All installers have up-to-date clearances and background checks and reflect Pierson’s core values and exceptional craftmanship.