Grace for Growth

August marks a milestone for Pierson Computing – 25 years in business.  With the upcoming anniversary, I have found myself reflecting on the seasons of growth and grace that have been written into our story so far …

1993 – 1998        The Beginning Season
In 1993, Pierson launched! My focus during this initial season was balance. While working as a consultant and using sub-contractors for all implementation, I had to not only nurture my new company, but also my two daughters.

1998 – 2001        Growth in Team
After being awarded a project through IBM with the State Police, I was able to hire my first employee.  Shortly thereafter, my husband, Jeff, officially joined the Pierson team. Though our team was small, it was effective.  The size of our staff has always aligned with the size of our workload – I believe that this has been God’s hand at work in my business.

2001 – 2005        Growth in Products & Offerings
While working on a project for PennDOT, we faced a challenge that could have easily derailed my journey. The sub-contractors that I hired walked off the job the evening before the client’s staff was scheduled to return to work. This literally required a village. First, I called my mother-in-law to watch the girls. Then after rounding up a pack of neighbors and friends to join me and Jeff onsite, we successfully completed the project by 3am, so everything was ready for my client in the morning as promised. I decided then that in order to deliver on our promises, I needed to employ my own staff – insourcing is a key differentiator for Pierson.

2005 – 2008        Growth in Workspace
During the early years of Pierson, hardware deliveries came directly to our home. I jovially recall a New Year’s Eve celebration that was halted momentarily when a tractor trailer showed up around 6pm with a delivery that needed unloaded. Family and friends once again joined the efforts to keep business moving forward before returning to the party. In 2005, we purchased the current warehouse. This expansion, not only led to a more formal location to receive deliveries, but the additional space and capabilities meant that we could do more for our clients and take on larger projects.

2008 – 2011        Growth in Development
In 2008, I made one of my best hires by bringing on a Director of Operations – Rick Loffredo. Rick contributes to the success of Pierson on a daily basis by allowing me to intentionally develop and mold our team in other ways. Rick oversees all back-office functions, and excels in human resources, which allows me the freedom to focus on sales and strategy.

2011 – 2016        Growth in Confidence
The next five years really denoted a time of strengthened confidence. The company won its first Pennsylvania statewide contract to sell and install network cabinets. I learned how to respond and win. Realizing that we could play on that level was important to me as it was about more than just revenue.

Pierson developed a reputation for treating their people well and prioritizing relationship building.  I think this heart attitude allowed God’s favor to shine brightly. In 2013, we entered the hardware business after bidding on the statewide storage contract with IBM – and won! Most recently, Pierson secured an exclusive contract as Best Value Provider of Storage for the entire state in 2017.

2018 & Beyond        Growth in Vision
Onward and upward!  To launch 2018, we held a company-wide meeting to share our Vivid Vision for the future of Pierson Computing Connection, Inc.  As new technologies emerge, and continued risks and opportunities are inevitable, it is important to me that everyone in the company is focused on purposeful growth in all directions.

I’ve seen God’s hand at work since the beginning. I’ve always felt we have been the perfect fit at the perfect time; the right size company with the right qualifications for the work we were doing.

Mostly, I am grateful for the opportunity to do something I love with people I admire for customers who appreciate our work.  And I am looking forward to seeing what the next season holds for Pierson.

– Deb Pierson