The Value of Relationships

Relationships take center stage at Pierson Computing Connection Inc. with many of the employees having years, and even decades, of experience working together in some capacity. Sue Hanes has been working with Pierson since 2004, but her relationship with Deb Pierson began long before then. Sue and Deb met while both women worked for IBM prior to Sue joining the Pierson team.

The impact that close relationships have on an organization are felt beyond the walls of the building itself and ultimately improve the quality of service and overall experience that clients receive. That’s because as Sue puts it, “When you have a close-knit group of people working together, not only do you want to represent the company well, you also want to do your role well for those who work around you.” Sue recognizes how each person in the organization has a job to perform that when done with excellence, allows the other members of the team to succeed in their roles also.

Maintaining a healthy office culture where longevity of relationships is valued requires intentional time to get to know the people around you. At Pierson, there’s an understanding that employees are invested in both the professional and personal lives of their coworkers. Not only do they celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, but they rejoice together in family wins and mourn together through difficult seasons.

When people, whether coworkers, clients, or employees, invest in their relationships, everyone can succeed.