Now that school’s out – it’s time to bring Pierson in!

Technology in the classroom is changing the way teachers communicate with their students and the way that students prepare to thrive in the world around them. For many school districts, summer is the most popular time of year to improve classroom technology and take on larger installations.

Some schools look to their IT Director and custodial staff to install hardware and prepare equipment for the fall as a way to save money, but we have found that having an experienced IT Project Management partner engaged in these projects can save a district both time and resources in the long run.

Pierson utilizes a proven and effective process that promotes concise communication with each of their clients. A Project Manager is assigned to each job so that the IT Director doesn’t have to manage the hardware install project. Instead, IT Directors and the custodial staff can focus their time and attention to other summer responsibilities. Pierson provides schools with an installed asset list by site and/or room. Each device will be registered with the manufacturer and ready to use!

Pierson’s team of vendor-certified installers have completed necessary clearances and background checks, handle the project implementation to ensure that equipment is installed properly, and most importantly, clean up after themselves to ensure that schools are ready for incoming teachers and students.

If your district has already outfitted its classrooms with the latest interactive whiteboards and projectors and already equips students with 1 to 1 devices such as laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks, you still may want to reach out to Pierson for maintenance and other preventative services. Those services include recalibration of your projector and or board, firmware or driver updates, projector cleaning, and raceway repair or replacement.

Summer may be a time of play and relaxation for students, but for IT Directors, it is when the hard work begins. As your district embraces classroom technology, consider allowing Pierson Computing Connection to support you each step of the way. Together, we can bring the advancement of technology and the hope of a safer, happier, and more inclusive learning environment to all your students.