Introducing: The Pierson Differentiators

Tech Guyver


Tech Guyver – He’s never met an installation challenge he couldn’t outsmart! He and his team of highly skilled, Pierson-employed installers are ready to tackle your next big job. Through thoughtful planning and dependable execution, you can rest assured that our Tech Guyver will get the job done!   




Joyce “The Inventory Obsessor” – She scans once. She scans twice. She scans three times and can confidently tell you EXACTLY where each and every piece of hardware is when Pierson is managing your installation process. You can entrust Pierson with even your most valuable IT assets.


Night Owl

The Night Owl – There’s nothing Pierson detests more than a disruption- which is why we have a team of Night Owls ready to get the job done AFTER your employees and students have left for the night. There’s no need for your business to come to a halt or your people to feel inconvenienced during your upgrades and installs. We look forward to working with you to develop a schedule that best meets your needs!


Neat Pete



Neat Pete – When Pierson completes a project, the only souvenir we’ll leave in our wake is your successful install! Our team believes that a finished job means our customers won’t need to tidy up after we’re through. Your spaces will be ready to use so business can continue as usual!