Love and Marriage… and the Office

by Deb Pierson

What’s it like to be the President of a company that employs your spouse? Challenging, but SO worth it.

As Pierson Computing Connection Inc. grew in its early years, my husband, Jeff, worked fulltime as a landscaper and helped me with Pierson’s installations as needed. Eventually, he chose to adjust his landscaping schedule to be able to pick up more of the slack at home. (We have two daughters who we have raised alongside this company.)  As the business continued to expand and we did more and more installations of computer systems, I increasingly relied on Jeff’s logistics skills. Jeff soon became a full-time employee of PCCi, and as such- one of my employees!

Jeff’s skills are complementary to mine and that allows us to capitalize on our working relationship. He has a unique ability to build a project “in his head”, simply after hearing its description.   He can picture the entire process and not only have a good idea of the materials and labor required to get it done, but also how to get it done in the most creative and efficient way possible. In addition, Jeff is extremely attentive to the quality of our work and our ability to provide safe installations. I really value his leadership in those areas.

As you can imagine, it is extremely hard to “turn work off” when you are the owner. I am always thinking of something that needs to be done, something that we could or should be doing, or an employee issue. It never fails that just as I’ve begun “turning work off”, Jeff asks a question or comes up with an idea – and there we are again- “working” at 10 PM while we’re getting ready for bed.

Although there are continual challenges to our relationship – both our marriage relationship and our working relationship – we are passionate about our marriage and committed to each other, the Pierson team and our goal of making this a great place to work while providing premium service to our customers.