Top 5 Ways to Make the Complicated Simple in 2018

A compilation of the Pierson Team’s favorite tips for communication

  1. Shared Google Maps – Pierson uses Shared Google Maps to make note of the best places to eat while in various markets across the East Coast so that their Installation Teams know the local spots they just can’t miss!
  1. AnyList App – Use this app to create grocery store lists that anyone in your household can access and edit in real time. Deb loves that she and her family can communicate and coordinate what’s on each of their personal lists.
  1. Process & Procedures Access Database – At Pierson, there is an Access Database that houses all important process and procedures documents to streamline training and foster an environment of consistent and accessible expectations where information is at everyone’s fingertips!
  1. Talking Instead of Emailing – It might sound all too simple, but there really is no replacing a face to face conversation, especially among team members. Rick knows that a quick touchbase in person can simplify even the most complex issue and creates the necessary connections that are critical to any organization.
  1. And when all else fails? Traditional and trusty Post-It notes. If you ask Sue, some things just aren’t broken!