Resting in Thankfulness

by Deb Pierson

I recently wrote about the art of balance. Throughout the years, it has been quite a learning process figuring out how to balance being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an employer … and in the midst of all that, still find time to eat and breathe. This Thanksgiving season, I am awestruck by the people in my life who have made balance possible.

Looking back, it is amazing to see how far we’ve come. As a wife, I have only grown in my appreciation for my husband who keeps giving to our family and the company. As a mother, I have watched my daughters, Liz and Jackie, mature into the incredible people they are today. As a business leader, I have had the privilege of leading an amazing team.

There are so many stories I could tell where the people in my life showcased beautiful resilience and composure during times of transition. My husband, along with my daughters and I, often joke about a time that we aptly call “The Week from Hell.” Jackie, my oldest, was about 15 years old and Liz was 13. For nine consecutive weeks, my husband, Jeff, drove across the east coast – from North Carolina to New England, installing classroom technology in schools. These trips occurred during the summer while the girls were out of school. We decided that Jackie would travel with Jeff and Liz would travel with me. We were short staffed and I was leading a team as well, so we did not have many other options. The summer culminated with the week prior to Labor Day, when it seemed every client needed a project completed, and equipment wasn’t arriving on time. In a single week, our two install teams of twenty people were in two schools in Massachusetts, four separate schools in New Jersey, and stayed in six separate hotels. It was hard. My entire employee team and family felt the strain. Yet through all the long days and longer nights when we had to practice patience, they modeled flexibility.

My Pierson team has also shown great pliability throughout our journey together. I am grateful to work with individuals who acknowledge each other as they engage in our core values. I am grateful for the transitions and settling. I’m grateful for the fruit of our hard work. And I’m also grateful for the moments when we just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right people. Even now, as we wait for the construction of our new office space, and work in a temporary space, my team has taken everything in stride and demonstrated hearts of appreciation and grace.

At Pierson, we have had 24 plus years of success. Amid all the transitions, balancing acts, and surprises, I can say that God truly has provided. So, to my family, Jeff, Jackie, and Liz, thank you for being my team, my support system, and a constant in my life. To the Pierson Team, thank you for your perseverance and drive for excellence. Finally, to our customers, thank you for your continued loyalty and support. You are the ones who make us great today, and you will be the ones who make us even better tomorrow.
…This holiday season, I am resting in thankfulness.