The End User

A Pierson Perspective with Rick Loffredo

Pierson Computing’s team is a blend of IT professionals with many combined years of technology experience We recently sat with Director of Operations, Rick Loffredo, to discuss how it is that Pierson maintains a culture of warmth in an industry defined by machines and wires.

The approach is really quite simple. “We’ve learned to see that there’s a customer behind every solution. There’s a misnomer that we’re just dealing with machines; but really – we’re dealing with people,” Rick commented. “It’s important not to lose the personal touch.  If you’ve installed a PC/laptop/projector once, you can do it ten times. It’s not different – except it is. For that end user, it’s their first with very specific needs they are looking to fulfill. If we lose sight of that, we’re not delivering a complete solution.”

Rick stresses that Pierson’s team strives to understand the usage behind every project.

Recently, Pierson remodeled an elementary school in Cumberland County – complete with new smartboards and iPads for all students. The hardware and systems aspects of the project are the focus on the surface, but beyond the installation, Pierson knows the full story of how the teachers and students will benefit and thrive from a job well done.

One classroom uses their devices to foster Pen Pal friendships with classmates from a different school through apps such as Facetime.  Teachers are using cloud servers and storage solutions to record presentations and upload them for parents to access and watch remotely. Even before the hardware is delivered and installation begins, Rick and the whole Pierson team know that the end users – students, teachers and parents – are about to unlock a world of possibility through their new technology.

“Our job is to understand the end usage and support that as a team.”