The Consultative Quote

A Pierson Perspective by Joe Tabone

Recently, Pierson was asked to respond to a Request for Information (RFQ) for a storage project. In addition to giving the customer the pricing and timeline information they were originally looking for, we asked for the opportunity to provide an alternative solution – our best recommendation. By implementing the alternative solution that we recommended, this customer saved over $500K in three years.

At times, we are asked to quote on hardware and service projects without the full context of what our customer is really trying to accomplish or what business problem they’re trying to solve. But- when given the opportunity- we can come up alongside our customers and offer real solutions.

Here are some keys to how Pierson can bridge the RFQ with a solutions-based response:

Staying within the lines: Including options and tiers that can adapt to different scenarios, while providing pricing and information within the constructs of the original request or state contract.

Thinking big picture: As an IBM and Lenovo hardware reseller, we have a host of resources available to us to help engineer the best solution for our customers. These tools range from addressing server consolidation projects which allows us to recommend the most efficient utilization of system resources, to storage tools which are used to model performance, capacity, and utilization of disk subsystems.

Consulting versus responding: Pierson is focused on long-term relationship, not short-term projects, so during the question submission stage, we ask many questions seeking to gain understanding for today’s request in context with tomorrow’s vision.

It is in those cases where we can see the big picture and are not isolated from the end user’s needs that Pierson can demonstrate the full extent of our capabilities and apply our legacy knowledge of the industry.

The quote we strive to provide is timely, accurate and the solution our customers really need.