A Strong Core

by Deb Pierson

Like many women, I have spent a long time trying to achieve that elusive “thing” called – BALANCE. When discussing balance, the world doesn’t tell you the truth. There are women who are held up as examples of balance – they eat right, exercise, have a successful career, have a great family, have hobbies, and give back to their community. What they don’t tell you, is the truth about balance.

If I was to stand in front of you on one foot, what would you see? Would I be standing perfectly still? Of course not. I would need to continually make adjustments to keep upright and avoid crashing to the floor.

According to fitness professionals – balance is about a strong core. The core will be different for each person, but your core is your values; the things you believe in. My core includes relationships – my relationship with God, my husband, my daughters, and my extended family. My employees are part of my core also. They are the reason I keep working to grow our company. Our customers are part of my core too. I value the relationships we have with them and want to contribute to their successes.

The truth about balance in our lives is that it is a process, not an achievement. Balance is about making choices, continually, in our daily lives in order to reprioritize and make it all work. Balance for me at some points in my life was catching a call from a client on my cell phone as I’m running to school to pick up a sick child. It is rescuing an almost burnt dinner while I’m spending a few minutes exercising. It was relying on my husband to cook and run the kids, while I was responding to a large opportunity, so that the next week I could take over those responsibilities and allow him to pursue his career goals.  It’s leaving a client meeting to take a call from my aging Dad, because when he calls during the work day I know it’s urgent.

Balance for me in the past has included taking my newborn daughter to a client office for almost three months, working 12-16 hour days to meet my client’s needs for my time and expertise, as well as my baby’s needs for a nursing mom.

So, whatever your role is now – employee, supervisor, wife, mother, friend, caregiver, volunteer, self – you will continually balance all of your responsibilities. Acknowledge that your life will never be perfect and your to do list will never be empty. Our goal at the end of the day is to look back over what we did and say, “I did what was most important.”